Your First Class

Attending your first karate Class.

We understand the courage it can take to walk through our dojo door for the first time.  It can be very hard for adults approaching Karate training for the first time.  Congratulations on your decision to give it a go.  Remember we have all been where you are now and welcome you to join us as our own journey continues.


What to do when you first arrive.

Try to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled class time.  If you have called first, you would of spoken to Vanessa McKay, she is in charge of Administration at our Dojo, seek her out – easy to find she will be the one loaded down with paperwork or  lugging around equipment.  Come say hi and she will gladly introduce you to Sensei Don before class begins.

If you have any concerns – health or otherwise – now is the time to mention them.


What to Wear?

Something comfortable and appropriate to the weather.  You will be getting warm, so layers are a good idea in winter, something light and cotton in Summer.  We train with bare feet so shoes are only required to get you to and from the car park.


Start Training

Sensei will call the class to line up.  You will be shown where to stand.  Then the class will bow with a series of steps involving Seiza and Mokuso.  (kneeling and meditation)  this is performed as a sign of respect to your teachers, fellow students and the dojo but it also provides an opportunity for you to clear your mind of your daily routine and focus on the tasks ahead.

Students are not allowed to leave the floor during training until they have asked permission from Sensei this is both an exercise in safety and respect.

 During class students will bow to each other before and after partner work as well as to all instructors.   Students are encouraged to practise respect at all times.