Can I enter tournaments? Karate for Life aims to hold two inter-club tournaments throughout the year which all students are encouraged to enter.  Aside from this as members of The Australian Karate Federation all our students are eligible to compete in their competitions if they are interested in doing so even though sports Karate is not the focus of our style.  We also have opportunities to compete annually in the International Kofukan Competitions where the sole focus is on our style.

How often should I train?  Your Karate will only ever be as good as your practise.  Aim to get to class at least twice a week and try to spend some time each day running through a kata or two.  Overtime you will see great results.

How long will it take to get my black belt?  With commitment, hard work and consistent training it is possible to achieve your black belt in 4-5 years.  Juniors work their way through 16 kyu grades, Adults 8 kyu grades.

What do I wear to training? Until you get your Karate Gi, wear comfortable gym type clothing and remember to bring a drink bottle.

Is it full contact? Not necessarily.  We would soon run out of partners to train with if we allowed full contact partner work and sparring with the techniques that are taught in our style.  Our students are taught control and restraint.

What if I come from another style? The rank that you have achieved at that style will be honoured while you work your way through our syllabus.   When you have achieved an equal rank you will be able to grade at that level in Kofukan and continue with our style from there.

What qualifications do your instructors have?  Our principal instructor is Sensei Don McKay he is a 4th  Dan Black belt (Yondan), Sensei Don also has a  NCAS Coaching Accreditation, First Aid, Working with Children Check, Police Clearance and 15 years teaching experience. 

Sensei Don is supported by his teaching team consisting of:  Sensei Lindon McKenna, Sensei Dave Hatte, Sensei Ryan Henderson.