Kwinkofukan-international-logoana Dojo is a proud member of Kofukan International.  We are very fortunate that our International head of style Shihan Tomiyama  conducts annual visits to Australia.  During his time in West Australia he visits each  association dojo to conduct training seminars and oversee dan gradings.



Shihan Tomiyama is the author of four comprehensive style books. A must read for all practitioners of Karate-do.

You can find more information here : Shihan Tomiyama – Books.





The World Karate Federation is the largest governing body of International Karate and it is the only one recognised by the Olympic Committee.  The WKF has members in over 130 countries, approximately 10 million members world wide.



The AKF (The Australian Karate Federation) is the national  governing body of Karate in Australia.    The AKF is a member of the World Karate Federation which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as representing Karate around the world.




WA Karate Federation is made up of a variety of styles and is West Australia’s only government recognised Karate body.  As with the AKF, WAKF requires that all member club instructors are qualified for the role they undertake.




Kwinana Dojo is a proud member of Martial Arts Against Bullying.  An international organisation devoted to ending bullying once and for all.  We regularly hold  free seminars on Anti-Bullying.  Click here to register your child’s place now.



Other West Australian Kofukan Dojos are located in:


Kofukan Karate Kalgoorlie

Lake Clifton