I’ve been at the club since 2011 and since progressed to black belt. Kofukan Karate as taught by Sensei Don is about so many things. It is gritty, no rubbish self defence. It is self fulfillment and self improvement and lifelong learning. It is supportive and friendly. It is discipline and fitness. It is about the students, not the hip pocket. Thank you Don and Vanessa for running the Kwinana dojo all these years and for expanding to Harrisdale.

Lindon McKenna

My son loves going to his lessons. Both Sensei Don and Vanessa are both amazing teachers. Mixing some fun into each lesson, keeps it interesting and are always quick to help with any questions we have had. They show the practical use for the moves they teach so it helps the kids to see what their use is for and it’s not just a technique to learn. Would definately recommend them to anyone.

Tania Whitford


The way Don teaches the young ones is simply remarkable … he seems to make it fun with some very bad Dad jokes but at the same time has respect from all his pupils … my sons loves it and that’s what matters the most.

Darius Gee


We started bringing our children here 6 years ago, they all feel welcomed to participate at the different levels. Sensei Don has a natural ability to engage with the students of all ages and backgrounds . After joining in the classes I’ve got more understanding of what this club is about… Highly recommended to individual students or the whole family. We can’t thank Don and Vanessa enough for the effort they put into the club and all the students classes.

Frederick Meyrick

My son is so enthusiastic when his classes come around each week and Sensei Don is a wonderful instructor both highly knowledgeable and having a great connection with all those under his instruction. 100% recommend Karate Kofukan Kwinana!

Bec Gee

We have been at this dojo for over 4 years Sensai Don and Vanessa are amazing role models ad teachers. Our boys confidence and discipline have grown immensely. We love the club and all that it stands for.

Michelle Adams

I couldnt recommend Don and Vanessa enough . My son loves going to karate twice a week , his confidence has improved , he has learnt so much and he has fun . Don gets to know EVERY kid personally , i have no idea how he remembers all the kids names like he does and Vanessa always greets you with a big smile and is so welcoming and helpful. Bring your child/ children down to give it a go they will love it.

Amy Baker


Fun and welcoming club with a supportive atmosphere. Don (head instructor) is among the best martial arts teachers I have trained under.

Martin Jackson


Don and Vanessa would have to be the most professional yet approachable teachers with all aspects. My son was very shy and withdrawn child but since starting Karate with these wonderful teachers he has come right out of his shell with his confidence beaming. Would just just like to point out to anyone that is interested in joining themselves or their children, please do you will not regret it. Thank you Don and Vanessa..

Marianne Clune


I can not speak highly enough of this wonderful club. I train here myself and the atmosphere created by Sensei Don & Vanessa is nothing short of inspiring. Children and adults of all ages are encouraged to push their own personal barriers and gain valuable knowledge in a supportive and instructive environment. It’s the best feeling when you watch students help one another with their own journey. Sensei Don and Vanessa do an excellent job not only teaching us all karate, but teaching the values that make a good human being. Highly recommend giving it a go!

Kayla Morley

My children have been attending Kwinana Kofukan Karate for 5 years, they absolutely love Don and Vanessa who have taught them karate to a very high standard with heaps of fun.

Shona Phillips