Karate for Life News July 2022

Welcome to our midyear term windup newsletter. In this edition we talk about gradings, upcoming training and events. Remember to keep up to date with events, make sure that you are registered to received email notifications from Kofukan Karate Australia, and that you follow both the KKA facebook page and that you are a member of the Karate for Life members only pages. Links are at the bottom of this newsletter.

Big news from the United Kingdom – our Head of Style, Shihan Tomiyama has been recognised as a living master by the English Karate Federation, and was awarded a 9th Dan in recognition of his dedication and commitment to Karate.

View the presentation here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7361728361/permalink/10161772007658362/

Last month, our own Alfred Koenig graded to 1st Kyu at the Association wide panel grading held in Mandurah in June. He did a fantastic job at show casing his knowledge and understanding of Kofukan Karate.

At Karate for Life our end of term grading saw some fantastic skills demonstrated. Congratulations to the following students: Jack Dodd; Zoya Ali; Charly Dobb; Charlie Potts; Olivia Street; Mikayla Van Der Waarden; Aurora Peterson; Sam Sapina; Ben Dodd; Ollie Potts; Johrdan Behl; Thomas Collidge; Victor Brookes; Sadie Smithson; Koby Joy; Scarlett McDonald; Max Geale; Max Tether; Shayleen Shrestha; Lucan Heales; Jax Tether; Jacob Oates; Alex Hales; Emily Sawford; Isla Collidge; Evan Bullock; Lucas Gross; Jayden Yates; William Hales; Jaxon Dickson; Ella Glendenning; Lotus Tamatea; Naman Bhangu; Luke Georgiou; Havish Gobikrishnan; William Butchart; Annika Butchart; Evan Johnson; Sumona Ganghas; Jessica Winatapradja; Luigi Chau; Nicholas Winatapradja; Ethan Barbatano; Reyna Rei Riksman; Elise Chan Fook; Kenji Snellin; Mehnaz Elahi; Bentley Ray; Aiden Heath; Codey Vinn Riksman; Dhyey Patel; Veer Shah; Ethan Noronha; Aurora Tamatea; Blake Brooke; Brayden Van Der Waarden – well done everyone!! Belts and certificates will be presented within the first two weeks of term at your dojo.

A special mention goes out to our newest brown belts – Blake Brooke, Max Geale and Kenji Snellin.

Grading contracts were introduced by Sensei Don last term. This will be continued into term three. The aim of the contracts is to have students take on some of the responsibility of their own karate journey. Students are encouraged to train at home, utilise the available online resources and understand that karate standards exists both inside and outside the dojo.


With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions the Western Australia Karate Federation (WAKF) have revamped their tournament schedule for 2022. The venue has changed from ECU Joondalup to the WA Netball Association’s headquarters in Joliment. Our small team of competitors have enjoyed some success to date, with our very own Sensei Lindon, taking out Gold in the men’s veteran kata.

If you would like to join our Tournament Team, please register here. Entry is open to all members, kata competitors will need to learn a Pin’an kata to compete but this can be done at the dojo and with the assistance of online training. Please note that this form in not a registration to compete in any particular tournament it is just to inform your Sensei that you would like to compete, and enable them to direct your training accordingly. A tournament training guide is available here: KIC Training Passport

Our Kofukan Inter-club will be November 6th and will be held at Kwinana Requatic Centre, located in Kwinana Town Centre. All students are encouraged to enter. This is a economical, entry level tournament suitable for all members. (Students are not required to enter the above KFL Tournament Team form) Entry forms will be released in the next few weeks.

Kofukan International Competition will be held in Slovenia in 2023. If you are interested in attending please let Sensei Don know as soon as possible as there are a lot of arrangements and training preparations to be taken care of. Please see the KIC Training Passport for more information on what is expected of all competitors.

Class timetable – please note the new descriptions and specialty classes from next term

Baldivis Dojo
Kwinana Dojo
Kwinana Dojo
Baldivis Dojo
Harrisdale Dojo
Tiger Cubs4:30pm4:30pm10:00am
Orange belt and up
Brown and up/ seniors &
by invitation
Fight Skills
Tournament Skills
If you know someone that would like to come and try a specialty classes on a casual basis please invite them along, casual rates are $20 per class, martial arts practitioners from other styles are welcome to attend.

Walking Group

Feel like stepping out into the great outdoors? Join us for our walking group, we will meet once a month for a reasonable hike of 8-15 km. Children are welcome when accompanied with an adult. Bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery. Registration is open to members, non members and their family. There is no associated cost, every walker is responsible for their own transport, equipment and picnic lunch. Join Here.

Dream of winning the big one?

From week one of term three register and pay your $5 entry fee at the dojo to be part of our KFL Lotto Syndicate. To join, simply make sure that each week you register(sign your name in the lotto book) and pay $5 in cash to Vanessa no later than 12pm each Saturday to be included in that weeks draw.

Club information:

Kofukan Karate Australia – make sure that you have signed up to receive the events information from our Kofukan Karate Association. Check your membership here : https://kofukankarateaustralia.com/member-area/ to see that you have signed up or to sign up if you haven’t.

Our Karate for Life Members Page is a useful link to other members, feel free to add training tips, karate items for sale, event information, and all other relevant karate information here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/427511971264581

If you need equipment or a new karate uniform, you can order here: https://karateforlife.net/dojo-shop/ items will be delivered to you at the dojo as soon as they arrive.

Online training is available here: https://karateforlife.net/kfl-online-learning/ (KFL specific syllabus training) and here https://kofukankarateaustralia.com/member-area/ (Kofukan Karate Training katas and combinations)