Class Information & Registration


Time Table 2019

Kwinana classes are held at Wellard/Casuarina Hall on the corner of Barker and Mortimer Roads.


Harrisdale classes are held in the Sports Hall at Harrisdale Senior High School, 1 Laverton Crescent, Harrisdale.

Baldivis classes are held in the Carnaby Room at Mary Davies Library.

Class Descriptions:

Tiger Cubs: This class is for 4-6 years to assist the development of motor skills, flexibility, confidence, discipline, cooperation, listening and social skills. Here students begin their journey through our junior syllabus with games, drills and partner work.

Junior 1: less games than Tigers but still a lot of fun as students from the age of 7 work their way through the syllabus with a strong focus on understanding what they are learning, including the application of karate basics, kata and self-defence strategies.  This class is designed around the grading syllabus requirements for white to orange belts and is suitable for beginners and above.

Junior 2: As with Junior 1 however these classes are designed around the syllabus for green belts and higher.  With a more difficult content it is not suitable for beginners.

Senior 1:  for 13 years and over, all ranks and by invitations from Sensei Don.

Senior 2:  for 13 years and over,  green belt and above and by invitation from Sensei Don.

Family Class: a fun and engaging opportunity for parents and children of all ages and levels to explore our syllabus together.

General Class: an adults only morning class, suitable for all levels.

Yoga: a gentle, meditative subtle yoga to soothe sore muscles and increase flexibility.

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