December 2021 Wind Up Newsletter

It has been a very busy year at Karate for Life, we finished the term four with a grading held at both our Kwinana and Forrestdale Dojos. Congratulations to the following successful grading candidates: Nicholas Winatapradja; Jessica Winatapradja; Lucas Gross; Kushaan Sisodia; Rishaan Sisodia; Tania Jeyavarthna; Varishvan Jeyavarthna; Reyna Rai Riksman; Codey Vinn Riksman; Bentley Ray; Dhyey Patel; Charlie Smith; Leia Lanigan; Om Bodakhe; Aurora Tamatea; Lotus Tamatea; Param Patel; Soham Patel; Ethan Noronha; Bryan Noronha; Charlie Blake; Elise Chan Fook; Isabelle Lanigan; Brayden Van Der Waarden; Isla Pickard; Oliver Pickard; Steven Pickard; Martin Russell; Mikayla Van Der Waarden; Kezia Berveling; Scarlett McDonald; Chanya Youngyuen; Aiden Heath; Caroline Winkler; Sahib Sihag; Kaaviyaa Subramanian; Rui Akamatsu; Lisa Doomen; Jennifer Swift; Talon Johnston; Rafael CurraNagasawa; Sadie Smithson; Alexander Hales; William Hales; Jacob Oates; Shayleen Shrestha; Naysha Shrestha; Jade Hutton; Sofie Heales; Lucan Heales; Tumelo Zulu; Annika Butchart; Jax Tether; Max Tether; Cameron McDonald; Victor Brookes; Blake Brookes; Jensen Owen; Evan Johnson; Ethan Barbatano; Jaxon Dickson; Liam Barnard; Max Bizzintino; Zack Bizzintino; Ollie Potts; Evan Bullock; Mary McKay(2nd Kyu). Well done everyone, we are looking forward to seeing your progress even further in the new year.

Occasionally we have the opportunity to witness a long time member of our club achieve a major milestone on their Karate journey, please join us in passing on a huge congratulations and well done to Curt Moss, he did us all proud when he graded to Shodan in November.

Sensei Dave Hatte; Curt Moss; Sensei Don McKay; Sensei Lindon McKenna – Kofukan Inter-club Panel Grading, Mandurah Dojo 28th November 2021.


This year saw many new students compete in our Kofukan Inter-club Tournament held in October. We are always inspired by every student that has the courage to step on to the tatami and display their developing karate skills. A big thank you to everyone from Kofukan Kalgoorlie that made the long journey to come Kwinana and compete with us on the day – you guys are amazing and deserved your medal haul. Thank you to Rob Sage and Sensei Brian Chambers for their awesome demonstration and to John Jenkins who provided us with the wood for the students to ’tile break’.

Thank you also goes to our valuable volunteers that give up their Sundays to help us run these events. They would not be possible without you. Thank you to our instructors that dedicate their time to training our students in preparation for the tournament and in manning the tatamis as referees, judges and coaches on the day.

2022 Kick-Off Parties!

After much discussion it was decided that our windup party shall be our kick off party. Join us on 9am Sunday, January 23rd. In Rockingham. Students are to wear their Gi’s (Karate uniform) with bathers underneath (Gi’s become sheer when wet) a hat and sunscreen. Following training there is a sausage sizzle and juice for brunch on the grass area for all students and their families. A registration email will be sent to you shortly.

For our senior students/members (18 years and over) we have a special event planned on January 15th from 7pm, involving Sake and Sushi at our place. Partners are welcome to attend. A registration email will be sent to you shortly.

Association & Membership Registration

There are important changes going on behind the scenes that are designed to help our Kofukan Karate Australia Association run smoothly. While everything will pretty much stay the same in the dojo two important changes are taking place that will affect everyone:

  1. In the new year you will be sent a link from our new Kofukan Karate Australia Association asking you to complete the online registration form for the 2022 training year. You will be asked to pay your membership directly to our association membership pool to cover the costs of insurance, affiliation links and fees to Kofukan International and Shihan Tomiyama. This amount is currently set to $25 per student and is payable once a year. This amount replaces the current membership fee you usually pay on joining and at the start of each training year. You will still receive your term one training fee invoice from Kofukan Karate for Life in January.
  2. The aim of our new association is to promote events amongst our members which includes but is not limited to: WAKF tournaments; inter-club tournaments; inter-club tournament training sessions; inter-club training sessions; beach trainings; inter-club social events; inter-club senior and dojo gradings.

Please note that if have not notified us in writing of your intentions to cease training in 2022 (as per our terms and condition of membership) it will be assumed that you will continue to attend karate classes and be a part of our new association in 2022.

If you have any questions regarding your membership, training fees or classes please contact us here.

Looking for something to watch over the holidays (besides Sensei Don’s training videos?)

Our new term starts on January 31st – all class times are the same as in 2021 and can be found here.

Training videos are here. Password is Bushido. Please note that the password will change in January once the term invoices have been sent, it will be displayed on your receipt for your reference.

Sensei Don’s challenges are here. With everything going a bit haywire for Sensei Don in November, we will give everyone until our Kick Off Beach Training on January 23rd to email or screen shot a copy of their completed challenge sheet. We will announce the winner on the 23rd January after training. So there is still plenty of time to enter. There may even be some new challenges going up after Xmas.

Exciting Training Opportunity…

Our first training event of the year – is a fantastic training opportunity with the WAKF in Kalgoorlie – save the date and we will be sending out registration information as soon as it becomes available. Please note at this stage students will be responsible for arranging their own transport and accommodation. (Junior students must be accompanied by an parent/guardian)

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful club, we are looking forward to a wonderful 2022, but for now, from our family to yours we wish you a safe and happy Christmas and the happiest of all new years!