What is KidSport Funding?

Kidsport Logo - the words KIDSPORT on a white background

KidSport is a Kwinana Council  initiative that assists eligible children aged between 5-18 years old in accessing financial assistance towards club fees.

How do I know if I qualify?

  1. Students must be aged between 5-18 years old and have a health care card or pension concession card.
  2. Parents that do not hold a health care card may still be eligible to apply, however they are required to contact a Kidsport Financial Assessor through KidSport and must fit into one of their four ‘financial exceptions’ Click here for more information.

How do I apply for KidSport?

  1. Complete an applications Click here for a Kidsport Application.
  2. Once approved a representative from Kidsport will send us a notification, and at the same time they will send you an Voucher code.
  3. Bring this voucher code into the dojo, or forward the email to us at karatekwinana@outlook.com.  We can then invoice Kidsport for your fee subsidy.
  4. Family members cannot share a voucher, each student will need to submit a separate application.

How can you utilise KidSport at Kwinana Dojo

Bring your validated voucher to Kwinana Dojo and pay the remaining term fees for the current term.

A total annual sum of $150 will be credited towards the student’s  term training fees for the year.  At Kwinana Dojo this $150 is divided across our four terms reducing the fees payable by $37.50 each term per student.

Joining fee, equipment costs and grading fees will still be payable as set out on our Fee Page.

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